Hi, everyone!

It’s taken me months to set up a blog, in part because I am lazy, but in larger part because I could not settle on a theme. Consider this blog a work-in-progress for the time being, and I hope you’ll stick around.

How I Plan to Use This Blog (with an Addendum Concerning the Inadvisability of Making Promises):

This blog is my personal motivator to spend time being productive online. For a long time (since I learned how to the internet) I spent most of my time online admiring what people were doing with this technology rather than doing anything with it myself. I decided to change that. I’m going to use this blog to do internet, rather than consume internet. There’s nothing wrong with admiring things online, of course. But I’m going to use the internet to be a productive member of society, for a change!*

I plan on posting original, *never-before-seen* paintings and drawings, thoughts on society and my place in it, daily photos (I don’t have Instagram and I really need one but I don’t have a smart phone so I’m probably going to use this as an outlet instead but I promise it won’t be like cliche pictures of food well maybe it will but that’s okay, okay?), other people’s creativity that inspires me, and MUCH MORE FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF ABSOLUTELY FREE.

So thanks for reading this (unless you didn’t, in which case what are you doing here) and I hope to see you soon!


*until I see a cat picture that just I HAVE TO SHARE, of course.